• Website Design and Development. 

Design is the look and feel of a website. Development is the process to get the site to function as desired. Finger Lakes Web Works works will work with you to make your website what you need it to be. We offer search engine optimization (SEO) and content management services (CMS).

  • Logo Creation.

Logo Creation is needed many times for a website if the client doesn't all ready have one and is important for website branding. Using high end graphics software, logo's can be created to the clients specifications. Below are some examples.

             Client liked this online                                     Also liked this design                          Finger Lakes Web Works Created

      4 7 2015 4 30 30 PM               4 7 2015 4 07 25 PM         W9Y5

  • Domain Name Registration.

We will assist in establishing your domain or website address. There is a separate charge for domain registration.

  • Website Hosting.

Websites we develop, we host.

  • Third Party Website Hosting.

We have the ability to work with your current site and host.

  • Organizations.

Discounts are available for non-profits.